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The set design can be elaborate or simple.  The first setting is Cleopatra’s chamber which includes a bed with curtains or mosquito netting, a chaise, pillows on the floor, several window openings upstage with a bench below each.  Side tables may be included.  Hieroglyphs and statuary can accent her space.

The other setting is General Octavian’s quarters.  The army tent has a table left of center with an elaborate chair for him and a stool covered with an animal skin.  Across the upstage cloth flap is a long bench or cot with a colorful blanket of Roman motifs.  Assorted weapons and Roman items can be used to decorate the space.  The entrance to the tent faces right.

However either of these spaces are designed, the point to be visualized is the difference in the splendor of Egypt and the sparseness of an army tent, i.e...the clash of cultures, their mindsets, their topography.  The wonder of Egyptian architecture and statuary overshadows Roman abilities but not their military might.

Orchestral Ensemble

Currently, PATRA is scored for piano only.  For a future world premiere, the composers are of a mind to keep the orchestral ensemble to a minimum of musicians of up to 13 players.  However, if a budget allows, it can be scored for a larger ensemble.